Christopher Klim has been compared to Steinbeck, Hammett, Chandler, and Hiaasen to name a few. His first novel, Jesus Lives in Trenton, became an international cult favorite, followed by the fictionalized study of pyromania in Everything Burns. Without skipping a beat, he launched a literary magazine, the Firecracker Jones juvenile fiction series, and a new comic novel, The Winners Circle, about the true meaning of wealth in America. His next novel was Idiot!, discussing the impact of a single life. He has also written a popular book on the writing craft, Write to Publish: Essentials for the Modern Fiction and Memoir Market. His first short story collection is True Surrealism, available August 2011. Click on any book or scroll down to learn more about or purchase a book.
True Surrealism by Christopher Klim
Idiot! by Christopher Klim The Winners Circle by Christopher Klim Firecracker Jones is on the Case by Christopher Klim
Everything Burn by Christopher Klim Write to Publish by Christopher Klim Jesus Lives in Trenton by Christopher Klim


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